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Elton Community Centre, David Street, Bury BL8 1SA,

Mondays 8-9pm  



Gain confidence, improve your health, strength, flexibility, fitness, lose weight and acquire blistering speed in unique friendly and enjoyable classes, that are ideal for people interested in learning authentic elementary Shaolin Kung Fu but also kinda like Rock music in place of the usual boring dance music that accompanies every other exercise class these days.

The class is a Kung Fu technique based workout without much personal contact or sparring. The class offers participants the scope for one of the most physically progressive fitness classes possible.

The classes provide an essential ‘Kung Fu’ physical education, with skills that equip the student with ancient and rare Shaolin Kung Fu. Our Tiger & Crane form echoes back to the early formation of that style and was made famous by the legendary Wong Fei Hung, as seen in countless kung fu movies.  

Regular students that manage the Kung Fu fitness class ok, can also start the optional intermediate ‘Kung Fu Combat Class’ if desired. The Combat Class teaches the fighting applications to match the routines and styles learned in the fitness class, and offers carefully controlled free fighting, body toughening/conditioning and in depth partnered Kung Fu technique applications, plus the opportunity to study for belt grades.    

Instructor: Darren Fitton

Darren has been training in martial arts since childhood and has been dedicated to Kung Fu for more than 28 years. He has spent this time studying both contemporary and ancient styles of Shaolin Kung Fu, including animal styles, long fist, modern athletic Wushu and both traditional and sport-related fighting methods. He has trained mainly in the UK, but also in China with high ranking masters both in Beijing, Hong Kong and at the Shaolin Temple. He has been teaching Chinese martial arts for over 15 years, and is the founder of the Golden Dragon School Of Shaolin Kung Fu.

In addition to multiple black belt qualifications and a Physics Degree, Darren holds recognised MASTARR certificates in Coaching, Instructing, Health & Safety, Child Protection, Child Coaching and is fully police CRB checked.

Darren continues to push his self development, learning and intense training daily.


Clip of Beginners Training Session

Beginners Drill.mp4

Clip of a typical beginners kick drill